1864: William Clarke Mullinnix to James Earle Hagood

This letter was written by William Clarke Mullinnix (1835-1912) of Pendelton, Pickens county, South Carolina. William was the son William G. Mullinax (1805-1860) and Philadelphia D. Gaines (1807-1891). He was married to Narcissa Matilda Martin prior to 1855. [Note: headstone spelling of surname is “Mullinnix.”]

Post war picture of James Earle Hagood

During the Civil War, Mullinnix served as a sergeant in Rufus Dreher Senn’s Company, South Carolina Post Guard. This company provided guards for the Richland Jail in Columbia, SC, which held Union prisoners. Sgt. Mullinnix was carried on the company roster as either “Mullinax” or “Mullinix.”

The letter was written to James Earle Hagood (1826-1904) in answer to one sent by Hagood to Mullinnix asking for his support in an upcoming election in Pickens county. In 1856, Hagood was elected the clerk of the circuit court in Pickens District and he held the position until 1868 when the district was divided. He became a lawyer and a cotton grower.

Addressed to Mr. J. E. Hagood, Pickens [South Carolina]
Postmarked Columbia, SC

Camp Preston
July 24, 1864

Dear Sir,

I have received yours of the nineteenth and was glad to hear from you. These lines leave me well and hearty and doing as well as a man can in camp. I hope these lines may find you and your family well also.

You wrote to me concerning the election, I han’t thought much about it though I would like to have a voice in the election. There ain’t but two men from Pickens in my company and they are all right. You are certain to get their vote. There is about a dozen at the hospital. I think you will get the most of them. There is three or four over at the Camp of Instruction and I will go over there and see what I can do for you and I will write to you again.

I would like you would write me who is the candidate for tax collector. Mr. Hernden wrote me a letter and I would like you would let me know the names of the men for our candidates for all the district officers. I will do all I can for you.

Write soon.

W. C. Mullinnix to J. E. Hagood

You said in your letter that you had wrote and never had a answer. I never received but the one.



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