1865: Myron Smith Cole to Amos C. Moody

This letter was written by 38 year-old Myron S. Cole (1826-1907) who enlisted on 11 August 1862 at stockholm to serve three years in Co. G, 106th New York Infantry. He was wounded in action at the Battle of Monocacy on 9 July 1864 in Maryland, but recovered and mustered out with the regiment on 22 June 1865 near Washington D. C.

Myron wrote the letter to his friend, Amos C. Moody (1812-1882), of West Stockholm, St. Lawrence county, New York.

Rocco’s Painting of the Battle of Monocacy where Myron Cole was wounded


Camp of the 106th Regt. New York Volunteers
Sunday, February 12th 1865

Dear brother Moody,

I thought that perhaps a few lines from me might not be wholly unacceptable so I will write a few though I have nothing of any special interest to write. First off, all I will say that I am well for which I am truly thankful to the Giver of every good and perfect gift. My leg is some lame yet. I have been at work the most of the time since I came to the regiment at our headquarters building block houses for officers. I don’t know how much longer I shall be there or what is in the future. The Lord only knows but I feel that it is safe trusting in him.

The last time that I was at home last fall, I learned that Br. Austin had had an offer for my horse and I left word with him and Br. Rickwood too to sell him but he has not been sold and I received a letter last night from Br. Rickwood saying that Brother Austin talked of breaking up housekeeping and going to fighting and if he did he would have to get someone to keep the horse or buy hay to keep him out. Now if Br. Austin does not keep the horse, I would like to have you assist Br. Rickwood (as he is not able to get about much) in seeing to the matter a little and if you have keeping, I would like to have you take him and work him some to pay in part for keeping him if you can afford to do so or find someone that will that that will do well by him.

I have not been paid since last March but probably will be next month. Then I shall send some money home. I think I shall send it with Thomas Taylor ¹ if I do. I shall put it into a wrapper by itself but have thought of directing to you and then put all into one package together. Now if it will not be too much trouble for you to get it from Skinnersville, I like to send it in that way. I knew that you had business that way sometimes and thought it might not be as much trouble to you to go there as someone else. Please write whether you can attend to these matters for me or not. Br. Rickwood will pay you some [     ] for me. Write all the news. Give my respects to all. Yours &c. — Myron S. Cole

¹ Thomas Taylor, age 22, enlisted 7 August 1862 at Stockholm to serve three years in Co. G, 106th New York Infantry. He was promoted to corporal and later sergeant. He mustered out on 22 June 1865 near Washington D. C.

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