1862: Henry Timbrooks to Friend

This letter was written by Henry Timbrooks who enlisted at the age of 21 on 2 October 1861 at Geneseo to serve three years in Co. B, 104th New York Infantry. Henry was wounded in action on 30 August 1862 at the Second Battle of Bull Run. He re-enlisted as a veteran in January 1864 at which time he was promoted to corporal. He was wounded again in the Wilderness on 5 May 1864 and was discharged for disability at Emory Hospital in Washington D. C. in February 1865.

The regiment left the state on March 22, 1862, and served for some weeks in Gen. Wadsworth’s command in the District of Washington.

Henry was the son of Gabriel Timbrooks (1801-1880) and Rosetta Suydam (1812-1873) of Conesus, Livingston county, New York.


Camp Weaverville, Virginia
June 30, 1862

Dear Friend,

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am yet alive and well and hope these few lines will find you the same. They are a fighting to Richmond.

Mrs. Real, I sent you the sum of twenty-five dollars and the money was mailed June the 17th and I haven’t received any answer from it. The money was sent by Express and it was directed to Cameron’s Center. The most of the boys sent theirs to Wayland and they have all heard from there and I sent up the same night and think mine might have went there too. I should like to have you send up to Wayland and see if it is there if you haven’t got it yet and I will pay all of the expenses.

Mr. Real, I will send you my receipt that I have for the money. If you have got the money or can find it, write and let me know. Keep the receipt if you can find the money and if you can’t find it, send me back the receipt.

Well Dolly, I can’t think of any more at present so goodbye for tis time. Write soon. Give my best respects to all inquiring friends, if there be any.

— Henry Timbrooks

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