1863: Charles McCormick Castleman to Albert Gallagher Chamblin

This letter was written by Charles McCormick Castleman (1823-1893), the son of James Castleman (1795-1854) and Eliza Charlton Beatty (1796-1827) of Frederick, Virginia. Charles was married to Evalina Elizabeth Francis (1830-1910). Mr. Castleman was engaged several years in the hardware business at Alexandria, Va., and was sheriff of that county. After the war he was several years in Texas, and returned to the old homestead in Clark county, Virginia in 1868.

Castleman wrote the letter to Albert Gallagher Chamblin (1807-1870), the father of Joseph Chamblin (1847-19xx)—the subject of this letter. Joseph’s older brother was Dr. John William Chamblin, an Asst. Surgeon in the 11th Virginia Cavalry (CSA).


Liberty, Bedford county, Va.
August 3rd 1863

Mr. A. G. Chamblin
Dear Sir,

I wrote you on 31st of July from Gordonsville that Joseph had started home the Saturday previous by way of Staunton to take stage for Winchester, I furnished him $40 and wrote by him to my brother in Staunton to furnish him more if he needed it. I have just received a letter from my brother stating that he could only get a seat on the stage as far as Woods Rock [?] 30 miles of Winchester though our forces were still at Winchester. He declined taking the stage, returned back to Charlottesville, then to Culpepper Court House looking for the 6th Va. Cavalry. He told Walter before he left he was going to join the cavalry—also mentioned it to me. I advised him not to think of such a thing before her returns home. He could have gotten home very easily if he had have tried, The fact is he did not want to go home. I have no doubt he is with his brother if he has not reached home. I had started to go to Loudoun with him. When I reached Lynchburg and could hear nothing of my goods, I concluded if I did not go and look after them, they would be lost. I then declined going. I found the goods laying at Gordonsville to be shipped back to Culpepper very well. I did go to see after them or they would have been lost. All are well. Hope Joseph may reach home before this. I write fearing you may be uneasy about him. Have not as yet heard anything of Bob. The letter I wrote to you on 31st July was given to Mr. Colvert to take to Loudoun. Our love to all.

Very respectfully yours &c., — C. M. Castleman

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