1862: Robert A. Thompson to Mrs. L. G. Thompson

I have not been able to verify the identity of these correspondents. The letter was written from Rock Spring, Georgia (not Red Springs, Ga. as someone has written in pencil on the cover). It was written in two parts and addressed to the same person; the first part was written by “R. A. Thompson” who I think was the uncle of the second person. I believe the first part was written by Robert A. Thompson who must have been originally from the vicinity of Ringgold, Georgia. He appears to have visited his brother Isaac and a friend named Jeff Jobe in Catoosa county in northwest GA and was returning to his regiment at Knoxville, TN.

The author of the second part, a niece of the first author, was a resident of Rock Spring, Georgia.

The only Confederate soldier I could find from Tennessee by that name served with the 7th Tennessee Infantry but they were not stationed at Knoxville in November 1862 from what I could learn (they were at Fredericksburg).

Addressed to Mrs. L. G. Thompson, Locust Mount, E. Tennessee

Lou, I come here yesterday about 11 o’clock. I got to Bottom 8 o’clock Friday night. Could get no bed. Sat up to 2 o’clock before day. Got to Ringgold at 3 o’clock. Sat up till day. Went up to see Brother Isaac and Jeff Jobe. Got my breakfast. Found John Smith from the army at Richmond. We walked out here and found all well. Sister Mary has another son three months old. I have bad cold and sore throat from exposures laying out but am better. Hope that I can stand it. I want to return in time to meet the regiment which I left at Knoxville. It seems like all of the boys are in the army for every train is crowded so that you can hardly find a seat or get a meals victuals except from the sutlers and old women, but plenty to eat at high rates. All along the line, soldiers are waiting transportation.

Yours as usual, — R. A. Thompson

November 11, 1862

Well Mat, I am going to do what I ought to have done long ago although I have not much of interest to write you. I have not seen any of the Ringgold ites is some time except Mr. G. Whitman. He looks badly—suffered many hardships during his campaign in Virginia last winter but he was cleverer (if I have the liberty to say so) than ever I saw him. Uncle says Mr. [Jeff] Jobe looks well, I have not heard of Mr. Brush in some time but he is in the service. William Evans was one of our first [  ] but did not go into the service until the call from 18 to 35 but I have heard he make a good soldier. I will try to tell you about our neighbors when I write. They are almost all dead and in the service. Robert will start in about ten days.

My love to all. Excuse all defects. Write to us soon. Yours forever, — R. T. Trundel


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