1862: Morey T. Winship to James Wilson Winship

This letter was written principally by Morey T. Winship (1826-1875) of Cameron, Steuben county, New York. Adding a note at the bottom of the letter was his wife, Sarah (Baker) Winship (1829-1879). The letter was written to Morey’s nephew James Wilson Winship (1839-1896), the son of Sylvester Tynell Winship (1812-1866) and Sally C. Hayes (1816-1856), who had just been discharged for disability from Co. I, 3rd Iowa Infantry.

Morey mentions James’ brothers, Nehemiah Willard Winship (1837-1863) and Wesley Winship (1840-1865). Nehemiah served in Co. K, 86th New York Infantry and was killed at Gettysburg. Wesley served in the 1st New York Infantry and later in the 161st New York Infantry. He also mentions James’ brother George Washington Winship (1842-1928). George attended the Troopsburg Academy until 1864 when he enlisted in Battery G, 16th New York Heavy Artillery.

[Note: This letter is from the private collection of Walter Slonopas and is published here by express consent.]


Cameron [Steuben county, New York]
October 19th 1862

Dear Jim,

I was glad to hear from you once more. We are all well at present. I saw George yesterday and he was well. He said he had a letter from your Father last week. He is well also,

Jim, I was glad to hear that you had got home once more but I was disappointed that you did not come back here. We heard you were coming when your time was out. Jim, we all want to see you bad. We had a letter from Nehemiah last week. He has been sick but was getting better. He said Wesley had been with him two days and was as hearty as a pig.

Jim you must excuse my bad writing and write as often as you can. So goodbye for the present. — Mary Winship

To James Winship

P. S. Tell Ez[ra] ¹ I want to see him the worst kind. This devilish war prevents me from coming out there this fall.

[in a different hand]

James, please tell Lydia that we are anxious to hear from her and also tell her I have written two letters to her and received no answers and Mote has written to Ezra and has had no letter and we would like to hear from all of them. — Sarah Winship

¹ Ezra D. Winship (1827-1907) was Morey’s brother who lived in Shell Rock, Butler county, Iowa. Ezra was married to Lydia C. Kittrell (1834-1906) in 1850.


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